Regardless of the Days.

Posted by Harris Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Assalamualaikum .

Khaifa halukum?? :D yobihhhh.. lamak dah x kaka arab aie. lamak dah juak x betutor lam loghat kedirik aieeeeeee. ohhhh :O myy. myy . :(


Yeah. Last sunday.... was... the best! :D she's the same group as I was. :D oh my~~~~. her blue eyes (contact lenses obviously) , pale white skin, cute tiny thin lips. Oh... temptations! :\ she's 18. Ohhh she's only 18! ! yeah. kedak lagu 17 jakk.. haha. hmmmmm.. :)


"wala taqrabul zina.." "do not be close to zina.."

The comandments of Allah must be obey. As Allah is the only one who knows our true nature. Be damned those who disobey, and be damned and tortured those who know but does not follow.
But who am I... a weakling among those who belives.

Well... that's enough for today. :) got classes to be in. Taaa~ :)


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