Posted by Harris Saturday, January 30, 2010
Helloooooo readers! :) How are you guys today? Baik, Sehat, Wonderful! *sambil goyang tgn paras bahu* haha -
The first module finished today. Words. Words. Speech. Speech. Started out with kesatria in the morning. Followed by the module an hour after that. At first, the module was kinda...... boring. But as time passes, it gets interesting. Especially during the speech about Hadhariah Islamiah by our Ustaz. Didnt knew his name though. -_-* Then lastly a speech by our Principal, Hj Bahaman. Most of our module activity today was filled with laughters, enjoyment, not paying full attention etc. xD
But for me.... hehehe.. she was there! :D I thought her name was ******* ... but it was ******* Hooooooooo. :) she walked next to me! :D :D hahaha. Naaaaa.. who am I anyways. To be a man of her class is far beyond my reach. I admit it. She's beautiful, but hey, wake up nigga. :
Ohhh.... I havent yet filled my blog with "spiritual" topics. Huhu. Insya Allah, if there is still time lended to me, I shall. :)
Remind me if Im off the road, but don't pull me off the road. :)

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  1. yarabiiii. blum pa2 gik, dh becarik prmpn.haha.dol2. ilek2. long way to go. haha
    eh,padah ngan ak klak sepa ya. xD


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