Leap of Faith

Posted by Harris Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Assalamualaikum :)

-read at your own desire-

Sorry for the cliffhanger on the previous post. I decided not to continue the post as at that time I was still in the shroud of completing the game. Whooooooo! (Ric Flair) But heyy... I FINISHED it! :D Hooorayy!! :D It took me about 2 days with near 12 hour break after each game. The story part has been completed, but there's still a lot to do in the game which I'll be getting on this midnight. Sadly not for the two downloadable content. :(

There's 5 location in total including Roma at the end of the game. Venice, the Apennine Mountains, Tuscany, Rome and the Romagna region. Though Vatican and Roma were the minor settings in the game as you don't really spend much time there. Each city has it's own atmosphere to it. Venice, with it's canal and gondolas, colorful clothings and tall decorated towers. While Tuscany has a more grim atmosphere to it. Dark skies. Ill painted buildings. Much towards to - the city of the dead - .. :\

You again play as the protagonist Desmond Miles, who escaped from Abstergo with the aid of Lucy Stillman (Kristen Bell-she's hot:}), ex-staff of Abstergo and an assassin herself. Along the way you'll meet with more allies/assassins, Shaun Hastings (Danny Wallace) a historian and Rebecca Crain (Eliza Schneider). But hey, if he escaped Abstergo, how does he able to return into his ancestors memory? Well, there's Animus 2.0. Handled by computer expert Rebecca, you'll be able to relive the memory of Desmond's ancestor and this time around, you'll not be playing as Altair ibn Al-Ahad, but his grand grand grand great grand children, Ezio Auditore di Firenze. Ezio was young and wild hearted man, always on a lookout for danger and fun. But his life is about to take one heck of a turn. After doing a few errands for his father, a group of soldiers came to the Auditore house and captured his father and his two brothers. Leaving only his sister, mother and their maid. Locked up in a political plot, his father and brothers became victims and were hanged in front of his very eyes. Filled with anger and vengeance, Ezio swears that he will hunt down those responsible. Little does he knew then, it was more than just a political conflict. Ezio, his mother and sister was taken care of by his uncle, Mario who allowed them to stay at his vill on the countryside of Monteriggioni. There, her learns the art of combat and ways of the assassins. Mario aided Ezio by leading him to some of those who were involved in his family's betrayal. It brings him to Florence, San Gimignano, Forli, Venice and eventually to Rome.


He eventually learned that Rodrigo Borgia was the leader of the killing of his father and the leader of the Knights Templar. He eventually became pope and holds access to one Piece of Eden and the Vault. And you know it, Ezio, as his bad ass grandpa would've done, assassinate.... but no~~ He left Rodriga and spared his life. Then..... CENSORED.... play the game okay, :D hahaha.

New weapons provided. Where you can purchase them at blaksmiths or you can claim them by disarming your opponent. Spears, war hammers, malice, swords, daggers, and best of all, a hidden gun (created by Leonardo) along with the cheeky hidden blades. Yes, hidden bladeS. Blades with an 'S'. Two hidden blades man! Narly! Players now can change the color of Ezio's outfits by dye'in them at the tailor's. Heal themselves at the doctor and even purchase paintings to increase the Villa's value. Yep, uncle Mario's crib is kinda a small city, and yep, it's kinda yours. :D Ezio got pimped! Collect enough of the previous assassin's seal, and you'll get to use Altair's armor. Extra light, extra protection. Comes in cool dark black. Whooooo!!! (Ric Flair).

There three factions in all which you can hire to help you distract or fight off your opponent. Thieves, Whores and Mercenaries. Thieves will help you to distract guards of your selection opening the way for you to proceed with your actions. Whores will also distract in a more "sexy" kinda of way and Mercenaries will fight along side of you, killing and hacking for bloof and money. All of these factions are available through out any city or location as long as you have a minimum of 150 gold coins.

Well, I'll be sharing that much. Another much of it, it's up to you to find out. :)


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